World Assets is a boutique wealth management company.

We work with successful professionals to grow their wealth through the application of specialized portfolio management solutions.

To achieve this we must:

  • Capture growth opportunities whilst managing the downside risks
  • Maintain the high quality of our people including strategic partnerships
  • Establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients

We value an over-riding commitment to:

  • High performance standards
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Win-win relationships

Our key success enablers are:

  • Over 25 years of successful portfolio performance MEANS reliable outcomes
  • Weekly analyst reviews MEANS timely and prompt portfolio decision making
  • Education and industry update forums MEANS you understand how decisions are made
  • Limited number of clients MEANS high personal focus and accountability
  • Long term relationships MEANS trust and confidence in retirement

We are successful when:

  • We share each client’s satisfaction in seeing their financial goals achieved
  • Our clients speak positively about their experience with World Assets

Jon Grant CFP