Investment Process

The World Assets investment process responds to the specific needs and risk profile of each client, and the strategic asset allocation model is created to reflect this.

The model is then implemented through appropriate buy/sell transactions, the timing of which is based on both economic and stock market cycles

As the portfolio value grows, adjustments will be required to maintain the agreed investment model.  Temporary changes in asset allocation may also be required ongoing, based on abnormal economic events/risks in order to protect client portfolios from downside risk.

Some key investing techniques employed for buy/sell transactions are Value Investing and Dollar Cost Averaging.

During all of these processes the client is kept fully informed and can opt for whatever level of involvement is appropriate.

The flow diagram below provides an overview of the investment process.

“A good company doesn’t necessarily make a good investment.  It’s all about the price you pay.”
Kerr Neilson, Fund Manager