What we do

World Assets provides access to expert advice in establishing an investment portfolio to meet your needs

We promote an investment process that seeks low risk (low volatility) and high relative returns, by diversifying clients’ investments between four core assets of property, bonds, cash and direct shares.

World Assets provides active portfolio management

Active management of client portfolios is vital to the continuing investment performance over time through:

  • Weekly monitoring, where the portfolio is reviewed and changes made as required
  • A rebalancing of the portfolio when there is a more substantial change in any of the four core asset classes, and
  • Tactical tilts when economic indicator points are reached

Our portfolio management service gives you all the advantages of an investment portfolio, with a personalised service to provide investment advice, consolidated reporting and portfolio administration.

As your goals change, we can offer solutions that ensure your portfolio remains aligned with your current situation.

Our service is specifically designed for clients who want control over their investment decisions but, at the same time, prefer to delegate administrative and support services to others.

You will be the legal owner of your account, unlike other administration services where you are the beneficial owner.

Through our service you will also have access to:

  • Personal communications and support at all times
  • Four quarterly meetings per year to discuss the market outlook
  • Online access to view your portfolio and download required reports
  • Comprehensive tax reporting to assist the preparation of your tax return and audit